'Liminal' Magazine
Problem to Solve
In an era of increasing ecological anxiety, how might we provide solution-oriented content that will engage readers and inspire action?
what i did
Layout, Content Strategy, Illustration, Web Design
2021 American Advertising Awards Seattle Judges Choice Award
12 weeks
why liminal?
As the climate crisis progresses, it feels as if we are collectively existing in a liminal space between our current ways of relating to the planet that we know are unsustainable, and an improved, more harmonious way of life. In this space between how it is and how we hope it will be, there is increased anxiety—what can any one person do about climate change? How can you stay involved, stay informed on the issues, without encountering a sense of hopelessness?

relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process
(2) occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
restoring the connection between people and planet
Liminal is a quarterly publication featuring stories that restore and explore the connection between people and planet. Liminal empowers readers with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration necessary to build a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

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curating content & DEfining the readership
The process of creating Liminal began with months of reading and curating a collection of articles that would build upon one another to tell a larger story—considering how the articles would complement one another and contribute to the overarching rhythm of the magazine.
defining the readership
As the articles were coming together, I began to consider Liminal’s readership. Liminal is for people who care deeply about the natural environment and are interested in learning new practices, philosophies, and approaches to repair our collective relationship with the planet.
visual expression
With readership defined and articles collected, I was able to begin defining the tonal range of Liminal—articulating how the visual design would be expressed in the most quiet, serious articles and then in the most expressive, upbeat articles. 
flat plan
After curating content and defining the readership, I created a flatplan of the full 48-page spread which gave me an opportunity to refine the pacing of the copy, photography, and negative space throughout the document before flowing in the text.