Bake Shop
Problem to Solve
How might a new bakery with a zero-waste mission define its visual identity?
what i did
Branding, Packaging, Motion, Visual Design
8 weeks
Bake Shop
introducing bake shop
Bake Shop is a new business opening in Seattle in the summer of 2021. Bake Shop is both a bakery and a shop and is committed to eliminating waste in all aspects of their business. Bake Shop needed a complete identity design that would convey the fun, energetic spirit of the mission-driven business while also feeling cozy and welcoming for the neighborhood regulars.
minimal waste, maximum comfort
The brand direction is minimal, modern, fun, friendly, and playful. Clean, airy interiors and a simple, timeless wordmark paired with cheery illustrations and a playful palette make for a one-of-a-kind brand perfect for Bake Shop.
The wordmark features a welcoming typeface with soft, dough-like features and classic charm. The logotype uses the typeface New Kansas Semibold, a redraw of the Cooper family, of the infamous Cooper Black. Cooper was made in 1920 and has quite the reputation of being friendly and playful. New Kansas is a refreshed, contemporary take that hasn't lost the friendliness of the original Cooper family.

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exploring visual directions
After our initial discovery session where we identified the core brand attributes, I created three stylescapes to capture the distinct directions the client had expressed interest in pursuing in their initial Pinterest board. The client said that the “Earthy Elegance” direction felt the safest and most like her, but she was most drawn to brands with the “Zero Wasted Energy” aesthetic. So, we melded the two in a direction called “Minimal Waste, Maximal Comfort.”
minimal waste, maximal comfort
We determined that the face of the brand—the logo and the touchpoints that a potential customer might engage with first—would lean more towards the minimal, refined look of the “Earthy Elegance” stylescape and the more bold, playful aesthetic would be expressed in packaging and merchandise.